Moroccan Cuisine Outshines American One: Former PM Slams McDonald’s

Moroccan Cuisine Outshines American One: Former PM Slams McDonald’s

Benkirane and his wife during a visit to the white house in 2014, amid the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)- Former Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane recently warned against the health risks posed by American fast food during the third National Conference for Pharmacists in Rabat on Saturday.

He recalled his 2014 visit to the White House where he revealed he was served cold soup by former US President Barack Obama, deemed an unfriendly gesture in the Moroccan culture.

Benkirane criticized the popularity of the well-known American fast-food chain Mcdonald’s and expressed concern about “the unhealthy food options it offers, which includes only bread and patty, and are widely consumed by Moroccans.”

He highlighted the dangerous marketing techniques used by the chain, which, according to him, “promotes its food as healthy and relies on capital and advertising to attract large numbers of families in Morocco, especially children.”

“I am not calling for a ban on fast food, but I am saying this to raise awareness among Moroccans about the dangers of such food on their health,” Benkirane said.

The former Prime Minister urged Moroccans to learn from the example of many Americans, “many of whom suffer from obesity and related health problems,” he said.

Benkirane seized the occasion to highlight the superiority of Moroccan cuisine over its American counterpart.

“America cannot outdo Morocco in cooking,” Benkirane said.

“Even if they reach the moon, Moroccan food remains better than American food,” Benkirane stressed.

Benkirane’s visit to the United States in 2014 was part of the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which aimed to strengthen economic ties between the U.S. and Africa.

The Moroccan Times.