Morocco witnessing grave regression of human rights and individual freedoms, FGD report

Morocco witnessing grave regression of human rights and individual freedoms, FGD report

Nabila Mounib, the secretary-general of the Unified Socialist Party.

The Political Bureau of the Democratic Left Federation coalition, well-known as FGD by its French acronym, released a strong statement in which it alerted about what it referred to as “the deteriorating state of politics in Morocco, characterized by the overwhelming influence of the political elite and the control exerted by the system over political and economic decision-making.”

The three parties that constitute the Federation of the Democratic Left coalition, namely the Unified Socialist Party, the Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party, and the National Ittihadi Congress Party said in their annual report presented in front of the coalition’s national council, that “corruption is prevalent in the political landscape, including a witnessed deepening of political alliances with state institutions, the marginalization of democratic political participation, the suppression of independent opposition groups, and the absence of accountability for those in positions of power.”

Furthermore, the party stated it “raises concerns about the country’s grave regression in terms of human rights and the deliberate curtailment of individual freedoms. This includes the arrest and prosecution of activists, journalists, and bloggers, particularly those associated with the Rif protests. The party expresses unwavering determination to actively pursue initiatives aimed at securing their release.”

Additionally, the party said it “condemns the aggressive assaults on social achievements and the declining purchasing power of significant portions of the population.” They vehemently reject “the intertwining of wealth and power, a prominent feature of a government openly serving the interests of monopolistic and rent-seeking capital.”

The party said it views the current situation in the country as “unsettling and uncertain, primarily resulting from the government’s persistence in pursuing undemocratic and failed political approaches, exacerbating the complex economic and social crisis afflicting Morocco.”

The report underscores alarming statistics and figures from official sources are highlighted to ring a bell about the severity of the situation.

“Inflation rates and price hikes have reached unprecedented levels not witnessed since the 1980s, resulting in a drastic decline in the purchasing power of citizens. Meanwhile, monopolistic capital has reaped profits that exceed ethical and moral boundaries within society,” the report reads.

The Moroccan Times.