High Visa Rejection Rates for Moroccan Schengen Applicants

High Visa Rejection Rates for Moroccan Schengen Applicants

Moroccan and European Union flags. Image for illustration purposes only.

Approximately 30% of Moroccan individuals who apply for Schengen visas consistently face rejection, a trend that has persisted for several years.

In 2022, Morocco had an alarmingly high rejection rate of 29.7%, surpassing the global average of 17.9%.

Strikingly, Moroccan applicants experienced a higher rejection rate compared to Russia, which was boycotted amid the Ukraine war.

France and Spain were primarily responsible for these rejections, accounting for a staggering 85% of all visa denials for Moroccans.

The significant number of rejected applications places a financial burden on Moroccan applicants due to the associated costs of the application process and Moroccans intending to visit Schengen countries have expressed mounting frustration over the increasingly stringent documentation requirements.

Despite the gloomy picture, Moroccans have managed to obtain more visas than many other countries, simply because they have the highest rate of global Schengen applications.