Two New Seawater Desalination Stations Planned in Morocco

Two New Seawater Desalination Stations Planned in Morocco


CASABLANCA- Morocco is addressing the issue of water scarcity and the worst drought season in the last 42 years by exploring alternative solutions, and as part of this effort, the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) has initiated a tender for the construction of two new desalination stations in Essaouira and Guelmim.

The purpose of this tender, launched by ONEE, is to select a company that will assist in conducting detailed studies for the implementation of two seawater desalination projects in the Guelmim and Essaouira regions. The estimated cost for these services is 23 million dirhams.

The future desalination stations in Essaouira and Guelmim will have capacities of 53 million cubic meters and 35 million cubic meters per year, respectively. These stations are designed to meet the demand for both drinking water and irrigation water. However, the specified flow rates are subject to review during the study phase to accommodate any potential additional requirements.

The project encompasses several components, including seawater intake, the desalination plant, storage tanks for desalinated water, infrastructure for brine discharge, and the distribution of drinking water to the respective cities. The studies will be conducted in four stages, and each project is expected to be completed within a maximum period of 14 months.

After completion, this will bring the total number of seawater desalination plants in Morocco to twelve.