Partnership Agreement Signed between Moroccan and German Railways

Partnership Agreement Signed between Moroccan and German Railways

Morocco’s high-speed train, despite initial critics, was a resounding success among Moroccans.

In a move to enhance railway transportation in Morocco, the National Office of Railways and the National Railway Company of Germany (Deutsche Bahn) joined forces by signing a partnership agreement in Berlin. The aim of the agreement is to strengthen collaboration between the two countries in various aspects of the railway sector.

The agreement, inked by Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Director General of the Office, and Nico Warbanoff, Director of International Affairs at Deutsche Bahn, focuses on infrastructure development. The partnership seeks to bolster the performance and capabilities of Moroccan railway equipment, with a particular emphasis on establishing new urban, regional, and long-distance transportation lines, including high-speed rail options.

Moreover, both parties aim to foster sustainable transport solutions that prioritize environmental preservation, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and adhere to international standards. The agreement also encompasses consulting and engineering services pertaining to the railway system’s value chain.

The signing ceremony, which took place in the presence of Moroccan Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, and German Federal Minister of Digital and Transportation, Volker Wissing, included provisions for network development, ensuring reliable rail car availability, digitization and digital transformation, and the preservation of heritage both within and outside railway stations. The agreement also seeks to enhance management systems.

Both parties expressed a desire to expand and sustain their collaboration in various sectors, valuing each other’s experiences and competencies in the field.

This partnership agreement represents a crucial step in implementing the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Germany’s Ministry of Digital and Transport and Morocco’s Ministry of Transport and Logistics a few months ago.