Attac warns against privatization of electricity in morocco

Attac warns against privatization of electricity in morocco

Image from a previous protest in Tangier against an increase in electricity prices.

The Moroccan Association “Attac” has expressed strong concerns about the recent ratification of Bill 83.21 by the House of Councilors, as they believe it paves the way for the privatization of electricity distribution in Morocco.

They argue that this move could lead to higher costs for consumers, drawing attention to past instances of public discontent and protests against high electricity prices. According to Attac, the bill entails the dismantling of the National Office of Electricity, the introduction of regional companies, and the transfer of assets to local municipalities.

Despite reassurances from the government that prices will remain unaffected, Attac raises an important point about the potential implications for the social tariff system.

They fear that involving the private sector could result in the demise of this system, which would disproportionately burden individuals with lower incomes.

Attac stressed it vehemently opposes these proposed changes and advocates for a comprehensive participatory and inclusive approach.