Morocco’s Agriculture Sector Faces Structural Issues: HCP

Morocco’s Agriculture Sector Faces Structural Issues: HCP


The High Commission for Planning noted in its latest report that the agricultural sector in Morocco remains vital to economic growth and employment, contributing 12% to the GDP and employing 39.7% of the workforce.

However, according to the same source, this sector lacks significant improvement or modernization, and faces problems of low efficiency and wages, with 97% of employment unstructured.

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Harsh climatic conditions have also led to a continuous decline in the workforce, prompting a decrease in the sector’s employment volume.

The report underscores the precariousness of women’s employment conditions in the agricultural sector, with a significant gender gap in employment rates and wages, including low qualifications among female workers.

The report noted that women are underrepresented in roles requiring high skills, with 71% of active women engaged in labor-intensive work.