150.43% Surge in Morocco-Israel Trade in 2023

150.43% Surge in Morocco-Israel Trade in 2023


Casablanca- Economic exchanges between Morocco and Israel are growing rapidly, with a 150.43% increase in the first four months of 2023, amounting to $28.8 million, according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics.

Despite a slight decrease in April, the trend shows a significant boost in bilateral economic relations.

This contrasts Israel’s reduced trade with the UAE and Jordan as this decreased by 8.81% and 14.85% respectively in April 2023.

In 2022, the Morocco-Israel trade reached around $180 million, mainly comprising chemical products, machinery, and transport products from Israel and textiles, fresh produce, and food products from Morocco.

Various agreements have been signed to further enhance these economic ties, including the planned opening of an Israeli economic mission in Morocco, announced by Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Nir Barkat.