Long Hidden Murder Case Emerges in Martil, Morocco

Long Hidden Murder Case Emerges in Martil, Morocco

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Editor’s Note: An update to the case has confirmed that the woman, apart from orchestrating her husband’s murder, is also responsible for her son’s demise, contradicting previous claims of him traveling to Algeria. The are serious doubts that she killed her daughter as well. More about the update here.


MARTIL, Morocco – The quiet coastal city of Martil has been jolted by the revelation of a gruesome crime that took place almost a decade ago. Last Thursday, the Tetouan Judicial Police arrested a local woman, now identified as the prime suspect in a murder case dating back to 2012. The woman, along with her brother, is suspected of murdering her husband and burying him in their house.

The woman had, at the time, reported her husband missing under unexplained circumstances in a bid to deceive investigators.

In an attempt to further craft an innocent facade, the mother of two took back-then her plea to a widely-viewed television program on the 2M channel, Moukhtafoun, which translates to “Disappeared”. Her heartbreaking appeal for public assistance in the search for her missing husband not only deceived viewers but also garnered significant support from a sympathetic populace.

The cold case saw a new turn when a dispute between the siblings over inheritance triggered a confession. The contested property, a plot of land located near Kénitra, proved to be the catalyst for the truth to emerge. In retaliation, the brother reported his sister to the police. Under questioning, the woman did not deny the murder but implicated her brother in the crime.

The discovery of the husband’s remains in the garage further complicates the already shocking case. The couple’s son, who had accompanied his mother on the 2M channel show, vanished shortly after his father’s disappearance. The woman maintains that her son migrated to Algeria, but suspicions surround this claim. Scrutiny has also extended to the sudden death of her daughter on March 5, 2022. Although an autopsy cited the cause of death as natural, doubts persist in the wake of the recent revelations.

Currently, the brother and sister are in custody. As investigations proceed under the oversight of the prosecutor’s office, the residents of Martil find themselves grappling with the shocking secrets that have surfaced from within their community. Authorities continue their efforts to piece together the various threads of this multi-layered crime, as this coastal city faces an unsettling new reality.

Regardless of it being divine justice or the consequence of her actions as a serial killer, she has lost everything – her two children, her inheritance (as per Islamic law, a killer is not entitled to an inheritance), her brother, her entire family……