New Twist in Martil Tragedy: Mother Killed Son and May Have Killed...

New Twist in Martil Tragedy: Mother Killed Son and May Have Killed Daughter

The woman that killed her husband and son, featuring in Moukhtafoun.

MARTIL, Morocco – The coastal city of Martil, once a symbol of tranquility, is now in the throes of a horrifying saga involving a gruesome crime committed over a decade ago. Initially, as we reported a few days ago, a local woman and her brother were detained as primary suspects in a murder case that dates back to 2012. They were believed to have killed her husband and hidden his body within their home. However, the case has taken a darker turn with new evidence that paints an even more disturbing picture.

Recent investigations have revealed not only that the woman was instrumental in her husband’s murder, but also that she played a sinister role in her son’s demise. This discovery refutes her previous assertions that her son had relocated to Algeria.

The murdered husband (right) and son (left).

Now, the shadow of suspicion has dramatically extended to encompass her deceased daughter’s case. Serious doubts have emerged following the daughter’s death, prompting investigators to contemplate exhuming her grave for further examination. The possibility of her death being a result of poisoning is under serious consideration.

In an effort to secure her cooperation, authorities are considering strategies to prompt a confession. They are proposing a potential decrease in her jail sentence if she willingly cooperates, presenting this concession to the judge as a sign of her full compliance. Such incentives are being considered as potential catalysts for revealing the whole truth in this deeply troubling case.

The woman had earlier managed to mislead investigators by reporting her husband as missing under mysterious circumstances. Further extending this web of deceit, she sought public sympathy through a widely-viewed television program on the 2M channel, Moukhtafoun, meaning “Disappeared”. Her emotional plea won over the unsuspecting viewers, amassing considerable support from the empathetic public.

The tipping point in this chilling tale came when a dispute over a plot of land near Kénitra sparked a confession, bringing the horrifying truth to light. In retaliation, her brother turned her into the police, at which point she not only confessed to the crime but implicated her brother as well.

In a grim turn of events, the husband’s remains were found in their garage, further complicating the case. The couple’s son, who had previously accompanied his mother on the 2M show, disappeared shortly after his father’s alleged disappearance. She maintained that her son had migrated to Algeria, but recent findings brought the sad truth to light: she killed her son.

As we previously mentioned, the death of her daughter, initially ruled as natural, has come under renewed scrutiny. Serious allegations have emerged suggesting that she may have been intoxicated by her mother.