Israeli Knesset Speaker: I am Convinced of the Moroccanity of Western Sahara

Israeli Knesset Speaker: I am Convinced of the Moroccanity of Western Sahara

Amir Ohana and his Moroccan counterpart Rachid Talbi Alami.

RABAT – In a historical first, the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Mr. Amir Ohana, visited the Moroccan parliament in Rabat. This visit is the first ever by a head of the Israeli parliament to a Muslim country.

Upon entering the Moroccan Parliament, Ohana greeted everyone, including journalists, in fluent Moroccan Darija with the words “Tbark Allah Alikom, the Sahara is Moroccan”. This warm, culturally respectful gesture was reciprocated by the Moroccan Parliament’s head, Mr. Rachid Talbi Alami, to which Ohana responded, “Wa Alaikom Salam. This is a memorable day, and the Sahara is Moroccan.”

In an interaction that stirred excitement among the press, Alami responded in English, hinting at a significant announcement. “We will say this in the press conference later on,” he said.

Ohana’s visit included a constructive meeting with the Moroccan-Israel friendship parliamentary group. During the press conference that ensued the meeting, the Israeli Speaker made a profound declaration. “From my position, I announce the recognition of the Moroccanity of the Sahara. I am convinced of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara.”

Ohana also issued a direct appeal to Israel’s Prime Minister to acknowledge Morocco’s sovereignty, emphasizing that Israel should follow the United States’ lead in recognizing Moroccan authority over the Western Sahara

The Knesset speaker’s visit to Morocco extends beyond diplomatic niceties. Ohana made a significant request, asking for King Mohammed VI to mediate for a resolution between Palestinians and Israel.

In the spirit of building stronger ties, Ohana also expressed a desire for both nations to move beyond the current diplomatic liaison office in Rabat. He advocated for the opening of full-fledged embassies in both Rabat and Tel Aviv.