Moroccan Association for the Protection of Animals and Jarjeer Sue Man Who...

Moroccan Association for the Protection of Animals and Jarjeer Sue Man Who Blinded Donkey

The poor animal lost his sight.

Rabat – The case of extreme animal cruelty we reported last week has been finally brought to court in Morocco, instigated by the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Animals and the “Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge,” a sanctuary located near Marrakesh that cares for retired donkeys.

They are suing a man who gruesomely blinded a donkey, alleging that the animal had been eating from his field.

The violent incident took place in the rural community of Dar Ben Brahim in the Asfi region. The matter gained public attention when a shocking video showing the aftermath of the assault was shared on Facebook.

The video spread like fire in the digital realm. It quickly went viral across various social media platforms and online communities. Within minutes of its release, it garnered millions of views, and within hours, it became a trending topic in Morocco.

The video demonstrated the accused man’s brutal treatment of the donkey, tying it with iron wires and using a sharp instrument to gouge out its eyes.

In their legal complaint, the two organizations emphasized the inherent rights of the donkey and all creatures to not be subjected to such harm or abuse.

They have called upon the King’s Attorney for swift intervention, demanding the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator in accordance with the law.

The news of the lawsuit against the perpetrator sparked a wave of satisfaction among some Moroccans on Facebook. One user expressed their feelings, writing, “Insha’Allah, he will face justice in this world, and an even harsher punishment when he meets the Creator of the innocent donkey.”

Another person advocated for the same degree of punishment as if the crime had been committed against a human. He expressed hope that the judge would apply the Quranic verse that refers to animals as communities similar to humans, thereby projecting the same law onto the case of the abused donkey. This would imply administering the maximum punishment.

The Moroccan Times.