The Mysterious Tiger in Tangier Forest Identified as Caracal

The Mysterious Tiger in Tangier Forest Identified as Caracal


Our sources in Tangier have informed us that after an investigation was conducted, the unidentified predatory beast that had been sighted in the Saloukia forest in Tangier has been identified as a caracal, a wild feline, which poses no threat to humans.

The same sources added that the animal is owned by a wealthy foreign man, who was rearing it in his villa in Tangier for some time before it escaped into the aforementioned forest. They were adamant that the alleged rumors of it being a member of the tiger’s species spreading on social media are baseless.

Local authorities in Tangier, yesterday evening, had launched a probe into a report they received from some citizens, suggesting that they had sighted a predator roaming around in a forest in the region of ‘Al-Jabal Al-Kabeer’, otherwise known as ‘The Big Mountain’.

Further informed sources confirmed to us that the authorities had received a video documenting the predatory beast’s moment of roaming around the Saloukia forest, resembling a tiger, prompting them to alert all their services in the region.

The same sources continued, reporting that the authorities in the bustling Moroccan city of Bougaz have urged citizens to exercise caution and not to approach the Saloukia forest until the nature of the predator animal present in it is indeed confirmed by experts.