Young Moroccan Woman Makes a Suicide Attempt After Being Forced to Undergo...

Young Moroccan Woman Makes a Suicide Attempt After Being Forced to Undergo a “Virginity Test”

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According to a story shared yesterday on Moroccan daily Al Akhbar, a young Moroccan girl made a suicide attempt in Inzeggane, located in the surroundings of Agadir, after being forced to undergo a virginity test.

It all started when the mother suspected her daughter of having sexual intercourses, the daily said.

In the wake of the daughter’s insistence that she was still virgin, the mother forced her to undergo a virginity test.

Al Akhbar reported that as soon as the test results were communicated, and while the mother was paying the virginity test fees to the gynecologist’s secretary, the girl seized the opportunity to run away, before trying to end her life when trying to jump from the top of a building located in the middle of Inzeggane.

Al Akhbar said that the results of the virginity test were negative as the doctor testified that the girl was still virgin.

“What drove her to attempt to end her life was the humiliation she was subject to and the lack of trust and confidence from the mother,” Al Akhbar said.

The Moroccan paper further noted that the police moved to the scene of the incident right after being alerted to the suicide attempt.

“The girl was taken to a local hospital to receive the necessary care before leaving one day after the event,” Al Akhbar closed.

The Moroccan Times.