Maternity Doctor Banned From Practice After “Killing” a Fetus

Maternity Doctor Banned From Practice After “Killing” a Fetus

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Image from archive. A young Moroccan women left alone giving birth in the entrance gate of a hospital in Casablanca.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan Ministry of Health decided to ban temporarily a female maternity doctor– pending the conducting of a thorough investigation– working in the Lalla Meryem Hospital in Laarache, who refused to perform various times delivery operations, willingly.

The said doctor’s actions even lead to the death of a fetus in one case after she refused to perform a delivery operation, while the delivering mother was in a very critical situation.

The doctor is believed to have used “fake” medical certificates to not perform the deliveries, even though she was seen many times in the Lalla Meryem Hospital during her so-called “sickness” days.

It is highly probable that the female doctor will be banned for life after such irresponsible misconduct, one that represent all but the ethics and mundane practices of a doctor.

The Moroccan Times.