$US 80,000 Seized at Casablanca’s Airport

$US 80,000 Seized at Casablanca’s Airport

$US 80,000 Seized at Casablanca's Airport.
$US 80,000 Seized at Casablanca’s Airport.

Last weekend, the Moroccan authorities seized a total amount of $US 80,000 at the Casablanca Mohammed V airport, smuggled by a Malian national.
According to le 360.ma, the money was hidden in the personal belongings of the Malian national, who was intending to travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Bamako, Mali while on a transit in Casablanca’s airport.

The Moroccan authorities said that the Malian national, who is 33-year-old, was unable to present any proof of the source of the money he was carrying.

Afterwards, the customs said that the Malian national confessed to being an intermediary agent between the manager of a travel agency in Bamako and a person who was going to receive the cash once in Jeddah.

The $US 80,000 were seized now and the case is currently being handled by the Moroccan customs in cooperation with the local authorities.

The Moroccan Times.