Casablanca’s “Rich People” Refuse to take the Census

Casablanca’s “Rich People” Refuse to take the Census


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On the sidelines of the general census of the Moroccan population and habitat 2014, which has kicked off last Monday, Morocco’s 2M channel shared a news story (video underneath) affirming that “most people who live in rich neighborhoods of Casablanca refuse to take the census.”

2M added Casablanca’s census agents find a lot of difficulties with the people living in such neighborhoods.

2M went on further to say that one of their teams joined two local agents and effectively witnessed the refusal to take the census of many people living in the neighborhood of California, Casablanca.

Mohammed Ziza, a Casablanca census’ supervisor, said the following: “We call upon all the people to respect and take the census seriously, as well as to be aware of its socioeconomic repercussions on the country.”

It is worth reminding that the High Commissioner for Planning, Mr. Lahlimi said earlierĀ the census operation is expected to cost Morocco $US 106 Million.

The general census of the Moroccan Population and Habitat is scheduled to last 20 days, namely from September 1st and September 20th, 2014.

The Moroccan Times.