25% Surge in Royal Pardon for Prisoners in 2022

25% Surge in Royal Pardon for Prisoners in 2022

ISIS militants. Image from Archive.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-The General Delegation for Prison Administration announced a 25% increase in the royal pardon for prisoners during 2022.

The annual report stated that 4,831 royal pardon measures were implemented, up from 3,861 in the previous year. These measures included pardoning the remaining period of the sentence for 200 individuals, converting life sentences to specified durations for 40 prisoners, commuting the death penalty to life imprisonment for 3 individuals, and reducing sentences for 4,588 prisoners.

The report also emphasized the importance of meeting specific criteria, such as behavioral correction and active participation in rehabilitation programs, to be considered for a royal pardon.

The report highlights a number of individuals who benefited from the royal pardon were convicted of serious crimes such as extremism and terrorism. The program “Reconciliation” benefited 13 prisoners convicted of extremism and terrorism. 6 found liberty again while 7 prisoners received sentence reductions.

The Moroccan Times.