Raïssouni: “Benkirane Is Not Serious About Resigning Following the Tan-Tan Disaster”

Raïssouni: “Benkirane Is Not Serious About Resigning Following the Tan-Tan Disaster”

Ahmed Raissouni
Dr. Ahmed Raïssouni, the vice president of the World Association of Muslim Scholars

Frankfurt, Germany (TMT)- Dr. Ahmed Raïssouni, the vice president of the World Association of Muslim Scholars and the the former head of the Uniqueness and Reform Movement, the preaching offshoot of Morocco’s Justice and Development party, said in a recent article he wrote on the sidelines of what is being referred to in Morocco as “Tan-Tan’s Disaster” that “Benkirane’s statements on resigning if he is found responsible, or if he somehow neglected his duties, are not serious.”

Dr. Raïssouni even qualified such statements as “far from reality and seriousness,” further stressing that “every two to three months his excellency [Benkirane] takes to the media and says he almost resigned, or thought about resigning, or something like that.”

“It would make more sense if Benkirane says he would resign because he could not cripple rampant corruption in Morocco, in all its forms, and the scourge of bribery, or because of his inability to bring change to the Moroccan administration that sinks in corruption, bureaucracy, unemployment and arrogance. It would make more sense to me if he says he would resign because he can’t stop the continuous rapid collapse of the educational system in our country or because of the significant delay in the enacting of many excellent articles the new Constitution brought forth, with those later still in the state of virginity for nearly four years now,” Raïssouni said.

It is worth reminding that Morocco’s head of the government, Abdellilah Benkirane said in the wake of a governmental council last Thursday that “I am ready to resign if the investigation committee findings points to any negligence or dereliction of duties on my side.”

The Moroccan Times.