Morocco’s military arrests Algerian and Polisario officers in Guerguerat Sahara berm

Morocco’s military arrests Algerian and Polisario officers in Guerguerat Sahara berm

Polisario front fighters during a military exercise. Image from archive.
Polisario front fighters during a military exercise, performed this year. Image from archive.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- According to a story published on today’s edition of Moroccan paper Assabah, the Moroccan military arrested “officers from the Algerian army, including armed separatists of the Polisario front, after they attempted to infiltrate the Moroccan kingdom last week, via the Moroccan region of Guerguerat.”

According to said source, the Algerian and Polisario officers were nabbed by Moroccan officers of the sixth regiment of the Royal Armed Forces.

Assabah said, quoting its sources in the Moroccan military, that “a huge operation was conducted” last week following the Moroccan military perceiving suspicious military movements in the narrow buffer strip in south-western Western Sahara, between the Moroccan berm and the Mauritanian border.

The Moroccan military then successfully “arrested Polisario soldiers, accompanied by six Algerian officers, from which one of them is a senior Algerian officer,” Assabah added.

“All individuals were arrested and their military equipment was seized, military equipment that included machine guns, jeeps and small guns,” Assabah further relayed.

Sources from the Moroccan military told Assabah that “the Royal Armed Forces made sure no bullet was fired” during the Moroccan military’s operation to arrest said Polisario and Algerian officers.

Assabah stressed that “an investigation was carried out with the nabbed individuals, and some of them were sent back home following the conducting of the investigation.”

The daily pointed out that the 6 Algerian elements were all sent back home, while some elements from the Polisario front were kept “for further investigation.”

The Moroccan Times.