coronavirus: Wild boars roaming the streets of Morocco’s capital Rabat

coronavirus: Wild boars roaming the streets of Morocco’s capital Rabat

Copyright: Aziz Daouda.
Copyright: Aziz Daouda.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Wild boars have been spotted roaming the streets of the fancy neighborhood Hay Riad, Morocco, in various instances on the sidelines of the shutdown witnessed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

It is believed that the drastic decrease in sound pollution, due to the house confinement policy the Moroccan authority took on Friday to combat the coronavirus outbreak, has triggered wild boars to wander far away from the surrounding forest.

4 wild boars were spotted by Aziz Daouda, the current technical director of the Confederation of African Athletics, yesterday.

“This morning while heading to the radio station (Radio Mars) to take part in the program “Décryptage,” I took these photos at Hay Riad in sécteur 24,” Daouda said in a Facebook post.

The man jokingly added that those wild boars “did not respect the state of confinement” imposed by the Moroccan authorities.

“Doesn’t it remind you of something?” the man asked, probably alluding to people who took to the streets Saturday evening to so-calledly protest against the virus in various cities across the kingdom.

“The lesson to be learned here is that nature benefits from a calm environment,” Daouda closed.

A boon to the human race, there is little doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is a bane to the fauna and flora.

A few days ago we shared a story about how the abrupt stop of the tourism activity in Morocco’s desert city Merzouga has triggered white Fennec foxes to claim back their natural habitat.

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