PSU Party: Morocco’s Security Forces Are the Main Responsible for the Death...

PSU Party: Morocco’s Security Forces Are the Main Responsible for the Death of Nora Zoubair

Nabila Mounib, secretary general of the PSU.

Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)– The Socialist Union Party (well-known in Morocco under its French acronym PSU) has attributed the death of the Raja Casablanca fan Nora Zoubair, amid a Champions League football match between Raja Casablanca and Al Ahly of Egypt, to the Moroccan security forces.

In an official statement posted on their Facebook page, the party claimed that the security forces were responsible for the incident due to their continued use “of old-style, provocative methods in managing crowds.”

The statement stressed that this conclusion was reached through “what was confirmed by analyzing the materials (online videos) documented by dozens of citizens and platforms, enabling them to see how security forces used their batons and high-pressure canon hoses indiscriminately, without distinguishing between those who have tickets and others.”

The party also criticized the security measures in place, which failed to prevent thousands of fans without tickets from entering the stadium, and condemned the use of high-pressure water hoses to disperse fans in a crowded gate.

The statement called on the city council and authorities to take responsibility for the incident and to respond constructively to the demands and proposals put forward by concerned citizens and sports associations, to avoid similar events in the future.

The party also blamed Casa Events, responsible for the inadequate organization and management of the ticketing system and fans’ entry into the stadiums.

The Moroccan Times.