Court of Auditors Report Rings the Alarm Bell on Inflation, Economic and...

Court of Auditors Report Rings the Alarm Bell on Inflation, Economic and Social Vulnerability in Morocco


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Zainab El Adoui, the President of the Court of Auditors, provided today important insights into the economic challenges facing Morocco and the measures that need to be taken to protect the country’s interests while giving a speech in the Moroccan parliament.

El Adoui’s speech shed light on the current economic situation of Morocco, particularly the mounting inflationary pressures. The inflation rate in Morocco has risen to 6.6% nationally in 2022, a result of soaring energy and food prices and inflationary acceleration in the country’s primary partners, El Adoui stressed.

El Adoui highlighted that the overall inflation rate in Morocco remains lower than in neighboring countries like Egypt, Brazil, and India.

El Adoui noted that the Moroccan state “had incurred costs of approximately 42.1 billion dirhams to sustain purchasing power through certain measures and had provided support of over 4 billion dirhams to the transportation industry.”

She emphasized “the urgent need to diversify Mororcco’s sources of growth, accelerate significant initiatives, and implement reform programs to protect Morocco from economic and social vulnerability.”

El Adoui also highlighted that Morocco’s “stability, security, and strategic position were crucial factors in executing such reforms, along with its credibility in its dealings with international institutions.”

The Moroccan Times.