Casablanca mayor holds various meetings after death of Raja Casablanca fan

Casablanca mayor holds various meetings after death of Raja Casablanca fan


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Nabila Ramdani, President of the City Council of Casablanca, has revealed that she took part in various meetings in the post-gaze of the sad event that occurred last weekend on the sidelines of a CAF champions league game, which saw the death of Raja Casablanca fan Nora Zoubair.

The mayor said she held “marathon meetings” with various stakeholders, including Fawzi Lekjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, to discuss the problems of the sports complex and find solutions.

Ramdani emphasized the need for quick solutions initially to keep up with the strong attendance of sports fans in Casablanca, further stressing that long-term solutions are also on the discussion plate.

She said that the Mohammed V sports complex is mired with problems, including organizational and technical issues.

Ramdani emphasized that the stadium always witnesses a strong presence from Raja and Widad fans, and therefore the current 45,000 seats are no longer sufficient.

Ramdani also addressed the technical problems that the sixth and seventh areas (closed) of the stadium has, which include cracks and vibrations. She explained that initial renovation works took place in those areas, but nevertheless still need further internal renovation.

She emphasized that there is a genuine investigation currently taking place in those areas aimed at identifying all problems they are facing, announcing that the results of this diagnosis will be known within two weeks from now, and then work will swiftly begin.

The Moroccan Times.