Cadi Ayyad University Corruption Allegations Reach Morocco’s Parliament

Cadi Ayyad University Corruption Allegations Reach Morocco’s Parliament


Moroccan parliamentarian El Ayachi Al Ferfar from the Al Istiqlal party sent an official document (document underneath) to the Moroccan Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Mirawi, asking him about the actions that will be taken to look into allegations of corruption at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Cadi Ayyad University.

The parliamentarian from the Al Istiqlal Party stressed the significance of initiating a thorough investigation to establish the truth and ensure accountability if the corruption allegations are proven true, or to refute the claims if they are baseless. Describing the allegations as “serious,” the parliamentarian emphasized the utmost importance of safeguarding the university’s reputation and preserving its esteemed standing.

In a recent interview with journalist Hamid Al-Mehdawi, a doctoral student at the university revealed that he was being blackmailed, humiliated, and asked to give a bribe for the approval of his doctoral thesis.

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corruption document sent Cadi Ayyad University
The document was sent to Morocco’s Minister of Education asking to investigate the corruption allegations.