Night of Unrest: Migrant Clashes Escalate in Casablanca

Night of Unrest: Migrant Clashes Escalate in Casablanca


Casablanca experienced a night of upheaval and violence on Friday due to clashes among various groups of irregular migrants from Sub-Saharan African countries. The Oulad Ziane district, home to a significant migrant population, saw notable disorder and vehicular damage.

Eyewitness accounts indicated that the conflict, predominantly between Sudanese and Guinean migrants, quickly escalated to the use of swords and stones. This situation caused a substantial level of panic and fear among travelers at the Oulad Ziane road station.

In spite of the deployment of security forces furnished with a variety of enforcement tools, the migrants remained confrontational. They continued to brandish sticks and stones, engage in aggressive chanting, and direct threats towards each other.

The clash resulted in substantial damage to more than ten private vehicles parked nearby due to the stone-throwing between the opposing groups. In addition, individuals from both sides incurred injuries, necessitating their transportation to local hospitals for medical assistance.