Another MP Jailed in Morocco for Fraud

Another MP Jailed in Morocco for Fraud

MP Abdellah Mekkaoui.

The Primary Court in Beni Mellal, Morocco, convicted today MP Abdellah Mekkaoui of the Popular Movement party on charges of fraud and non-fulfillment of a contract.

The court sentenced Mekkaoui to a six-month suspended sentence and imposed a fine of 5,000 dirhams. Additionally, a related civil lawsuit resulted in Mekkaoui being ordered to pay the plaintiffs 200,000 dirhams in compensation.

The charges stemmed from an incident where Mekkaoui and his colleagues prevented a local farmer from harvesting lemons from a farm they had rented to him.

The incident led to clashes before intervention by the Royal Gendarmerie and subsequently, an investigation was initiated under the supervision of the public prosecution.