No repatriation flights for Moroccans stranded abroad

No repatriation flights for Moroccans stranded abroad

The Morocccan head of the government.
The Moroccan head of the government.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- While most countries around the world have been organizing repatriation flights to evacuate their citizens stranded abroad and bring them back to their homelands, Morocco is singing against the tide taking the radical decision to not repatriate any Moroccan citizen before the reopening of the country’s borders.

The head of the Moroccan government Saadedine El Othmani shared the shocking news yesterday in an interview given to Moroccan state channel Al Oula.

He said that according to estimates, “a total of 27, 850 Moroccans are stranded abroad.”

The head of government noted that their return “will take place after the reopening of borders.”

“They have all the right to return, it is a legitimate right. We need to find a solution to this. We are studying various scenarios, and as soon as the borders reopen, they can come back,” El Othmani emphasized.

El Othmani affirmed that “the Moroccan Ministery of Foreign Affairs took charge of 5700 persons,” which represents 25% from the aforementioned figure.

El Othmani noted that “the repatriation of Moroccans stranded abroad is not a logistics problem, but one related to the health security of Morocco.”

The Moroccan Times.